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So, last year I was working a  large SL 4 project. Things rolled along well but…

One of the devs the client forced on us was a guy who claimed to be a senior developer but was really a very junior one.  Now the client had him doing all kinds of work and thought he was awesome.

So one day I was debugging problems and found this. At startup of the app, we needed a bunch of lists for list boxes and validation and such.  What this dev had done was make calls to WCF like so:

Get list 1

Get list 2

Get list 3

Get list 4

Get list 5 and so on.

That’s right, each list had a separate call to wcf and the database, resulting in 12 separate WCF calls when the SL client started.

Don’t do this. Just call once and get back 12 lists via one call. That’s called chunky programming which we have been doing for years.

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