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Doing more unit testing and I ran across this nice article on mocking up TempData. That’s great because tempdata is used a lot in controllers and you need a way to mock it for unit testing.  Again, this code is in C#, so I will show you the vb version.

Hres the StubTempDataHttpSessionState class:

Imports System.Web.Mvc
Imports System.Web
''' <summary>
''' HttpSessionState for TempData that uses a custom
''' session object.
''' </summary>
''' <remarks></remarks>
Public Class StubTempDataHttpSessionState
    Inherits HttpSessionStateBase
    ' This string is "borrowed" from the ASP.NET MVC source code
    Private TempDataSessionStateKey As String = "__ControllerTempData"
    Private _tempDataObject As Object

    Default Public Overrides Property Item(name As String) As Object
            Assert.AreEqual(Of String)(TempDataSessionStateKey, name, "Wrong session key used")
            Return _tempDataObject
        End Get
        Set(value As Object)
            Assert.AreEqual(Of String)(TempDataSessionStateKey, name, "Wrong session key used")
            _tempDataObject = value
        End Set
    End Property
End Class

And heres the context class:

Imports System.Web
Public Class StubTempDataHttpContext
    Inherits HttpContextBase

    Private _sessionState As StubTempDataHttpSessionState = New StubTempDataHttpSessionState()

    Public Overrides ReadOnly Property Session As HttpSessionStateBase
            Return _sessionState
        End Get
    End Property

End Class


Heres an example of using this in a unit test. I created a new instance of the TempDataDictionary and set the controllers tempdata to it. Then I load my populated view model into it.

currentController.TempData = New TempDataDictionary()
currentController.TempData(currentController.PendingResultsViewModelTempDataKey) = thisModel

Then I can get the view model out in the controller. Pretty sweet.

thisModel = TempData(PendingResultsViewModelTempDataKey)

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