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Recently I had a user come up and state that when they would make a new announcement the time would be off by 2 hours.  They said they had checked the servers and time settings were fine and could there be anything else that might be off?  Well, yes there could and most likely is.  There is a regional setting option setting that you can get to by going to:

1. Problem page
2. Site Actions > Site settings
3. Regional settings (under Site Administration)
4. Time Zone settings

Now, this might work well for the page you are working on, but what if there is more?  And how can you tell?  For me the easiest way is to connect to the content database and take a look.  After connecting to the database you can run these queries.

(make sure you are pointing to your content database)
SELECT TimeZone,FullUrl
FROM dbo.Webs
WHERE (NOT (ParentWebId IS NULL))AND FullUrl like 'Url%'

If you are unsure about what to put in for 'Url%', then just run the first two lines and then see what is displayed.

UPDATE dbo.webs
SET TimeZone=11
WHERE (NOT (ParentWebId IS NULL))AND FullUrl like 'Url%'
AND TimeZone=13

The time zone was set to Pacific and I wanted Central, so I set it to Central (11) where Timezone = Pacific (13).  And my result:

(62 row(s) affected)

If you are unsure what your time zone is, then you first change the page and take note of page address.  Ex. /url/teamsite/pageyouchanged, so in the result list you would see you set it to 15 and the rest are 13.  Now you have the two numbers you need to put in.

Just a closing FYI, you can also find the timezone settings in TIMEZONE.xml located in the 14 (SharePoint 2010) hive under CONFIG.
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The programming is very important for information technology. If we want develop, we'll create excellent programming language. Thank for good post.
Left by bayrak on Feb 28, 2012 2:05 PM

# re: Setting SharePoint regional time zone settings
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Running DML statements on sharepoint databases is a bad idea, unsupported and will most likely void any microsoft support.
Do you know what to do with the timezone.xml in order to address alerts that are 1 hour early following DST?
Left by Jay on Apr 15, 2014 5:26 PM

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