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***EDIT: 05/14/2008
PLEASE NOTE: This post is not to be taken literally. I do not condone the mass slaughtering of cows. Cows are actually pretty cool, although somewhat boring in conversation. My post here is my attempt to express contempt of many approaches to combating "climate change" and how hypocritical many of the movement's most staunch supporters seem to be. I mean, last I checked, Al Gore is still eating meat, right? Someone reading my blog pointed out that my satire was a bit too subtle, so I thought I'd add this paragraph to make it clear.***

I confess that I am skeptic on "climate change" and just how much effect mankind is having on it. I won't debate the subject here (although I am certain some bozo will leave me ugly, critical comments on this post about it).

One of my thoughts concerns the fact that the gases produced by cows is 20x more damaging than CO2, and yet it cycles out of the atmosphere waaaay faster. So, it seems to me that we need to reduce cows. It would have a greater effect than all of us driving hybrids. So, I tend to be unwilling to listen to any hype about global warming from someone who isn't a vegan (on a personal note, I am borderline vegan these days simply cause I've gotten out of the habit of eating meat). A co-worker recently debated this with me, and I suggested that we should start a movement to save the earth, and get t-shirts. I related my plan to my buddy Craig (one of the smartest and most sarcastic people I've ever known...lethal combination), and he created the following:

I am almost ready to launch my new non-profit site for PACCTS, "People Against Cows 'Cause They Suck".

I am seriously considering making the shirts....

Thanks, Craig! Posted on Wednesday, April 30, 2008 12:17 PM | Back to top

Comments on this post: A great movement with a cool shirt!

# re: A great movement with a cool shirt!
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Why that's nothin'! When I was a boy I was killing two cows a day before breakfast and you didn't see me wearing a damn shirt about it...

Nice job, Craig.

Left by BallstotheWall on Apr 30, 2008 3:46 PM

# re: A great movement with a cool shirt!
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Sweet! I'll fire up the grill! :)
Left by Lou on Apr 30, 2008 10:33 PM

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