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I've recently seen something interesting occurring with CSLA and thought I'd stick a note in here about it. Basically,  when we save with a clone, any events hooked to it are lost.


I typically use the ListChanged and Saved events to evaluate a list (for example) and set properties on controls. It might look like this:


Private Sub SomeList_Saved(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As Csla.Core.SavedEventArgs) Handles _SomeList.Saved
        <set control properties approriately>
    End Sub


Well, when saving with a clone, the objects stop responding to events. The listener gets lost somewhere. Only way we've found to make this continue to work seems a little hokey, but it works:


If _someList.IsSaveable Then
    Dim temp As SomeList = _someList.Clone()
    temp = _someList.Clone()
        _someList = temp.Save()
        'These next two lines address an issue that occurs when cloning an object.
        'The listener can no longer hear the events.
        RemoveHandler _someList.ListChanged, AddressOf _someList_ListChanged
        AddHandler _someList.ListChanged, AddressOf _someList_ListChanged
End If


Not sure I understand just why we have to remove and add the handler, but it does work. Simply adding it again won't do.

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