Terje Sandstrom

------ Visual Studio ALM MVP ----- (also see new blog at http://hermit.no)

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I'm just soooo slow.  I must be the last geek to get a blog up and running. Anyway, being last is better than never.


Where to find me:

I'm often found at the Microsoft forums, Forums.Microsoft.com/MSDN mostly under Visual Studio Team System, but occasionally also under any of the more programming forums, like Winform, WPF, ASP.Net., C# or SQL.  My nickname there is OsirisTerje.

I got an audio technology site also, see http://home.online.no/~tsandstr/AudioStartsHere.htm, which contains information from my former life.

I also got a LinkedIn account.


I work as Chief Software Architect at Osiris Data, a Scandinavian software consulting company.


My last name is Sandstrøm in Norwegian, and Sandström in Swedish.  In English it's written either Sandstrom or Sandstroem.  Guess what automatic reading of passports, creditcards etc do with that when it compares it to its registers for airline tickets etc.  Never works......

Read about Scandinavia.

posted on Wednesday, October 1, 2008 3:40 PM