September 2010 Entries
Using the MVVM design pattern and Blend

Update!!!  Sorry but I have some work priorities that need to take precedence.  I will not be able to give this presentation.  Michael Perry has graciously agreed to give an MVVM talk in my place. 

I plan to still be there with laptop and Blend in hand so if you had some specific Blend questions, look me up.  I will also be posting my MVVM with NAV WebServices project to this blog soon. 

Join us October 19th at the Forth Worth .NET UG ( where I will lead a discussion about using the MVVM design pattern and Blend together to make your data bound Silverlight much easier to design and develop. The session will focus on using the MVVM with a special emphasis on the "blendability" of the created application. Blendability is the ability to open and edit the user interface into Expression Blend or Visual Studio 2010.  If there is time, I may introduce the MVVM Light Toolkit ( from Microsoft MVP Laurent Bugnion.

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Introducing North Texas Silverlight User Group

I can comfortably say that Caleb Jenkins is my favorite mentor in DFW and has been a key influencer in my .net career.  Please come out to see him talk about Silverlight at the first meeting of  the North Texas Silverlight User Group at the Microsoft offices in Irving, TX on October 11th.

A Blendable Note – The Noth Texas Silverlight User Group ( is going to dedicate 20-30 minute block for a “Blend tip of the month”.   You don’t want to miss this!! 

For the first month, I will be talking about how to handle grids and grid splitters in Blend.  If that goes well, there is thoughts of showing off some cool tricks using the path list box next month.

Look forward to seeing you there!

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Sharing the Light #VGDFW

This weekend, DFW welcomed Victor Glaudioso, his daughter, Todd Knudsen, and Bill Moore  for the first Sharing the Light.  Thank you to everyone who came!! We had a great time.  Everyone learned a lot about Blend and the energy was fantastic.  We didn’t quite make it through all the projects on the itinerary but I have faith that everyone learned enough for us to continue exploring together. 

 Please, keep in touch and let’s do it again soon.

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Anatomy of a Silverlight Media Player

Come to Dallas .NET ( on September 9th to see Shawn Weisfeld ( and myself talk about Expression Blend, Silverlight, and OData. 

In this talk Teresa and Shawn will cover how to skin a media player for your company and how to bind it to an OData Service for data retrieval. The talk will begin with Teresa showing how to use Expression Blend to skin a Silverlight Media Player. Then Shawn will show you how to expose your video library using an OData service and consume it in the Silverlight Media Player.

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