BizTalk 2009 – ESB Itinerary Deployment Tool

When an itinerary is created using the itinerary designer you can deploy the Itinerary in different ways. Listed some of them and also I created a app which is basically derived from ESBImportUtil to do the deployment :
  1. ESBImportUtil.exe
 You can use ESBImportUtil.exe utility located at C:\Program Files\Microsoft BizTalk ESB Toolkit 2.0\Bin.
            Ex: ESBImportUtil.exe /f: onewayitinerary.xml /c: deployed /o    
  1. Power Shell Script
 Check out the Itinerary sample in the C:\projects\microsoft.practices.esb\Source\Samples\Itinerary\Install\Scripts\Itinerary_install.ps1
  1. Itinerary Deployment tool
 Itinerary deployment tool basically provides similar functionality of ESBImportUtil, instead of deploying from command line now you have this app to deploy Itineraries and also planning to enhance later for modifying Itinerary configuration during deployment and also modify existing itinerary settings.
First step is to export your itinerary using Itinerary designer as xml. Choose the Itinerary xml to import in the Itinerary Deployment tool and click deploy. Import will automatically check whether the itinerary already exists in the Itinerary database or not. It will have option to overwrite the existing itinerary or not. You can overwrite an existing itinerary.

  Check for the Source code and document: BizTalk ESB Importer


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