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I presented “What's new in silverlight 3.0” at Teched, Delhi on roads and got overwhelming response for it. Actually there was two events. The venue for the first event was Microsoft office, Gurgaon, Delhi. I must admit i had to change gears because most of the attendees were new to “Silverlight” itself; and i was introducing them to Silverlight 3.0 version!!

So i was back to questions like

  • Why Silverlight?
  • What silverlight means to
    • Developer
    • Architect
    • Manager
    • End user

It did generated lots of interest and my deal on capturing user attention by hatching on to the psychology made it home to most of the users. Examples i gave was as simple as making a grid rotate (flip) to use the same screen space to display more data. OR blurring the grid so that user can concentrate on more relevant information on screen…

Both of the above were, interestingly speaking examples of new features of SL 3.0…

There was also this interesting bit about “what it takes to move to SL platform” and concerns like “I felt lots of resistance from developers in my team while moving away from ASP .net”

It took them a moment before that they realized that SL is actually easy to work on and most importantly its the same C#, model  developers leverage on. The results they get

  • looks awesome (UI is simply great)
  • Works on every browser and just the same(no more coding for each browser and its version)
  • coding actually is easy

Getting the resistance out is just a matter of fact to demonstrate “how convenient it is” to code in silverlight and the goodies (best practices) are just there out-of-the-box.

Attached the the presentation deck along with the demo.

the best part for me is the compliment from Bijoy (who himself is renowned Microsoft evangelist) on my comment ‘Good products need good evangelists’

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