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When debugging, you might see that MojoPortal starts up many different ASP.NET Web servers, one for each Web project. Hidden in the readme README.VisualStudio.txt included with the SVN trunk is the workaround. Good to know!!

Additional info:

You may notice when debugging that multiple web servers are spawned. This is because there are multiple web applications in the solution as features are split into separate projects. All the files for features get copied up to the main mojoPortal.Web project ie Web folder by post build events, so the feature projects are not meant to be run directly, the mojoPortal.Web project  must always be the startup project, though you can set breakpoints and debug any of the code in any of the projects, but the main web project always has to be the startup project. You can disable those extra web apps from launching a web server as described here

Just click the project node in Solution Explorer and then click the Properties tab on the right and you will see where to disable it. I have disabled them on my copy but it does not seem to persist those settings in the solution, they are apparently user specific.

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