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So the guys over at the Smart Client Contrib site have just published a sample application and a demo script, now that is awesome. For me this is going to be of great help as although I'm known as the factory guy in my org, I don't always have time to keep my own personal factory samples as up to date as I'd like.... and if truth be told sometimes I'm burning the midnight oil to pull together a demo that I've been asked to do for a client, or even just internally... So having a ready made sample app and demo script is cool by me ..... great job guys

Posted on Thursday, March 6, 2008 4:55 PM Software Factories | Back to top

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We've been using the SCSF for a few years now. As part of our next major release we were intending to use GAX in an SDK for our product.
We have a large growing distributed team, with a steep learning curve for the core product. The core will be developed by one specialised team, but other developers, perhaps brought in from the company "resource pool", would develop specific customer functionality, delived into the product via "solution packs". The modular nature of CAB/SCSF enables us to architect this separation, and GAX helps us get developers up to speed in delivering extensions to the app.
Left by Gavin Grayston on Mar 27, 2008 4:51 PM

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