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image Recently I have been working on different machines in different locations I have been using foldershare more and more.  It's nothing new, basically you configure a folder as shared on the foldershare web site, then install foldershare on another machine and configure a location on that machine you want to sync the files too.  Then changes to either location are synced either automatically or on demand.  Something to note is that the files are NOT stored online anywhere, so I have found it useful to have foldershare installed on a machine that is always on. 

As mentioned before on GWB what would be nice is a merge of SkyDrive and foldershare, but in it current situation its a very handy tool that's well worth a look.  There are limitations, I wouldn't want to have large files shared, nothing really stopping you doing that, but I don't.  If you don't have a machine on that's sharing the files, you wont be able to get them - that's where the link with a SkyDrive folder would be great.  You could use a USB flash drive for working on,  but in this connected world I just don't want too, it just seems so manual - having to remember it, dragging files around etc!!! :)

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