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I have just built a new PC, nothing super special, but pretty nifty.  I have gone for a core 2 duo E8200 2.66Ghz with the new Wolfdale 45nm architecture (w'eva!), 4GB corsair ram, Nvidia 8600GT Gfx, WD Raptor 150GB drive and a Gigabyte board.  I have read bits here and there about overclocking, but have never really been bothered to take to much of a look into it.  Seeing I had some time this week and I had been prompted by a mate to do so I though I would.

I started taking a look around the web and like so often ended up and CodingHorror checking out what he had done for his own and Scott Hanselman's "Developer Rig".  I recommend you check out these links from coding horror; overclocking, torture test the rig and one with some info that was specific to my chip.

I gradually got mine up to 3.0Ghz and have upped the voltage to the chip (0.4) and RAM (0.1) and it's very stable indeed, I ran the torture test described above for over and hour without and problems.  Reading the article specific to my chip and talking to a mate, I might be able to get 3.3 or 3.4 out of my chip, but to be honest I am more than happy with 3.0 (well ever so slightly over!).


Vista Scale was 5.5 now 5.7

PCMark05 was 7814 now 8094.


It's not groundbreaking improvement, but better than nothing and I wanted to do it partly as an experiment anyway!  Installing Vista Ultimate x64 has caused far more problems! Especially on my new Dell XPS M1330 - nightmare!

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