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To celebrate the release of the iPhone in the UK today, I got a new Nokia N95.  Why? Well I have read some shocking reviews of the iPhone from people in the US and many have returned the phone.  Also, in my opinion the N95 looks to be a better phone.  There is of course the ridiculous cost of an iPhone here in the UK it's £269 which you in the US that keep track of the exchange rate will know its nearly $550.  Then there's the available tariffs...£35 a month with only 200mins...what a joke, I get 400mins, 1000 text and unlimited calls to same network users on mine :)  No denying it looks cool but I think I'll wait till the dust settles, bugs are ironed out and the phone is feature complete at a reasonable price!

So far the N95 seems really cool, loads of groovy features to play with, my favorites so far is probably GPS but the wifi is cool...quick Internet on a mobile phone, how novel!! Being at a computer most of the day I never really use phones for much more than phone calls, the most important thing for me with a phone is that its small enough to be in my pocket without really knowing its there - otherwise I'm not interested!  I generally even text via bluetooth connection on my lappy now :)  Looking forward to having a play with the GPS though...see if I can do something like where's Tim.



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