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The final session of Mix:UK 07 was a sneak peeks session.  This covered about 8 new things that we can expect to see from Microsoft and a partner or two.

The pick of the bunch were (in my opinion):

A product called SeaDragon that will be released as part of Silverlight 1.1 next year, its a way a handling/rendering/doing something with high res images so you can use very high res images in your Silverlight app to enable the user to zoom right in and still be clear without having huge performance overheads, not sure exactly of the magic going on here but something to do with it only downloading and rendering the part of the image that the user can see.

Simon Peyton Jones from Microsoft Research in Cambridge stole the show really with a super fast and totally enthusiastic presentation on how MS are solving the problem of working with "in memory" data on different threads which is more poignant now that Intel are dedicated to more cores rather than faster cores.  This was seriously techy stuff.  Loved it.  The guy reminded me of Johnny Ball (those in the UK will know exactly what I mean - others, think the professor from Back to the Future - with less anger!)  Without going into great detail (I cant remember and didn't understand all of it) they solved the problem in the same way database guys do it with optimistic concurrency, try and log all the data writes, if OK, do it.  Look out for a new keyword atomic.

Showed a real life (urm!) demo of Halo 3, someone actually playing it!  Looked pretty awesome, to be expected really though I think, I would have been surprised if I was anything but in awe.


We got full retail copies of Expression Studio and Vista Ultimate - pretty awesome but I am a little gutted we didn't get Expression Encoder, this app got center stage in a couple of demo's and seemed that without it, video in Silverlight would be that little bit more difficult!

Also got a disk with loads of trial software.

Ohh....and a MIX T-Shirt!

So, that's it.  MIX:UK is over, totally glad I went, learnt lots, met a couple cool peeps and its always good to get £100's worth of free software.


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Steve - the great news is you simply need to download Expression Encoder off and it will unlock with your Studio key :)

Encoder wasn't released in it's final form until last week as it was being developed in tandom with Silverlight itself so never made it physically into the Studio box.

So download and enjoy... Encoder is a great product :)

Cheers, Jon
Microsoft, UXe
Left by Jon Harris on Sep 13, 2007 7:48 PM

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