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MIX is over and this is the first of two posts covering the final day.  I am currently on the train home with my lappy in power saving mode, minimum CPU etc etc.  1.5 hours left so I should get enough time to say what needs to be said!

Today I decided instead of going the main stream route all the way I would slip off to a smaller session.  After a chat with Scott Guthrie (!) I decided to miss the first of his two part session on VS 2008 and 3.5, I read most of the content on his blog and have been using VS 2008 since beta1 so decided I knew enough to miss it.  I attended a session titled "All Of Us Experience Design", the MIX website gave no info on it but I just fancied it (IronRuby does nothing for me!!), anyway, nothing like I expected, it was a company called "AllOfUs" showing off their design project (when I realised this I was a little pissed but more than anything I found it very funny!! and still do!)  Turned out this session was awesome, those guys at AllOfUs really do rock in the design world, not just in software but in general design project, take a look for yourself.

Going back to the safety of main stream sessions I attended ScottGu's VS 2008 part 2, he covered some new controls like the DynamicDataSource and DynamicFilter.  He brushed over the new ListView control which I think deserves a great deal more, basically its like a gridview in terms of events that is throws but it outputs compliant CSS markup to the page. "Blimey" says I :)  Although I missed most of the LINQ stuff from part 1, he did discuss how to validate properties with LINQ, using partial classes and an OnValidate event handler (I am gonna have a play with that because we have started using the Enterprise library validation block in our framework)

Live services part 2 was next, the main focus on this was using the Live authentication on your own site. This seems to be in early stages and needs some polishing before you can go full steam ahead with this.  They also showed of other API's and controls that the Live Services team have been working on, like access to messenger contacts.  I would go and check out to see more - that where they were directing us!  Again Angus Logan did a grand job of entertaining me!

The day ended with a Sneak Peeks session - I am gonna leave that for a separate post, it deserves it!

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