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The final session yesterday was a panel of developers including ScottGu, Angus Logan, Danny Thorpe from MS and some guys from other companies associated with MS (sorry I forget there names, perhaps someone would be kind enough to leave them in the comment so I can add them in?!).

This raised some interesting points regarding, single point of failure for all web applications (being the users connection), this was then a fall guy for things in the cloud never being "as good".  Points raised around security, like who owns the data I have stored in the cloud? Do google own my mail because they store them? What about passwords, who owns/what happens to my really sensitive data like banking login if the bank goes out of business, for example?

Personally I am not so sure its a easy as Cloud versus Client, I believe in(and one of the panel raised this) that use the right tools for the right job.  When I worked in construction I had, and still do have, several different types of saw for cutting wood, each perfect for their own job, I could, given enough time cut a piece of 2x4 with a coping saw but not as good as I could with a regular saw.  I digress but you get my point!  Google docs is a cool app, can be handy, but it doesn't hold a candle to the feature set and usability of Word 2007.  Yes its "always online" (see single point of failure above) and its free but that's like saying "I prefer to drink tap water that bottled!". Yeah, nuts!



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