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Day one is over at MIX UK.  As my first experience of a Microsoft conference I must say I was not disappointed :) The conference opened with a keynote from George Moore and Scott Guthrie and lots of small demos from third party companies and the little apps they have developed using MS technologies, mainly Silverlight, which is the main theme of the conference, well day one at least!!

In the first and second session I stayed with ScottGu and watched as he ripped through the power of silverlight, present and future.  As well as the basic XAML shapes and textblock, he covered some features of the *special* silverlight CLR.  He also stated that there will be a set of controls (50 was the quoted number!), from basic input controls like the Textbox to more advanced controls like the DataGrid - this for me as a business application developer is fantastic, I have enjoyed playing with Silverlight but didn't really have a "real life" use for it without the ability to databind to controls.  These will be distributed in a similar format to the AJAX Control Toolkit, with full source downloadable which is pretty cool.

I have a silly little jotter pad I have written as my first silverlight application - I must post it up at some point.  I know, I am gonna get the FREE 4gb of silverlight hosting MS offer and then I'll post the link! You should check out the silverlight hosting - if you plan of hosting video in silverlight to stream then this will save you a fortune in bandwidth etc.  There are limits like only a 10min video can be uploaded (this is due to and MPEG licensing thing apparently - video is not my thing!) You can only upload 30MB at a time.  There is also a limit on the number of minutes streaming you can have but its very high!

Next, I opted to go for the "Developing Next Gen Web Apps with Windows Live Services", this I regret, not because it wasn't good, Angus Logan and Danny Thorpe did a good job (Angus was pretty humorous) but I just knew most of what they demo'ed (Virtual Earth stuff), I guess I took the safe option as a pose to going to "A nice cup of tea and a sit down" which may or may not have involved interaction from myself - heaven forbid!

Also didn't help being sat next to someone with an entire colony of blood sucking ants having a carnival in his pants, the chairs are linked together, it got a little hairy at times!!

We'll see what tomorrow brings!  We have been advised to hang around till the end when swag bags will be distributed...but the contents are yet to be revealed!

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I love your postings about Silverlight. I hope you can get more into the technical details about Silveright in the future.

I have a website running in .NET3.5 and Silverlight with my host,, and I am still keen to learn more about these 2 new technologies.
Left by Wayne on Aug 26, 2008 5:33 AM

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