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FxCop is a great tool, and I would hesitate to turn off the spell checker in projects since spelling has never been my strongest suit.  However, the are occasions when you may want to modify the words that FxCop accepts or rejects.  Such is the case with 3 letter abbreviations.  If you put a three letter abbreviation in as all caps, for example, EIO, FxCop will give you a casing error.  If you correct the casing to Eio, it then gives you a spelling error.  You can explicitly add or remove words from the custom dictionary file, which is in located in the installation directory for FxCop, most likely C:\Program Files\Microsoft FxCop 1.36\ or C:\Program Files\Microsoft FxCop 1.35\.  The name of the file is "CustomDictionary.XML" and then add
inside the
tag to make that word cause an error, or more likely inside the 
tag to make FxCop allow the word.


Note:  If you are using Visual Studio Team System 2008, you can add a custom dictionary to the project:


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