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Here is a frustrating little error.  The problem occurs when trying to print reports from a report server that is not properly updated on a client machine which has been.  Updating the SQL Server installation using Microsoft Update (Not just Windows update) fixed this on my local development box, however I had to dig a little deeper to get it to work on our production box which is 64 bit.  The root of the problem is this:  If you are using SSRS to print the reports, the way it works is that an Active X control is downloaded to the client machine and is used to print the report.  However, there was a security flaw in Active X controls which Microsoft recently patched by adding "Kill Bits":  This patch was made on October 14th (conveniently in the middle of the release cycle for this project) and has the unfortunate side effect of killing the RS Client Print Class which is the actual Active X client print control responsible for printing SSRS reports.  Thankfully, Microsoft has released SQL Server updates which when run on the machine which houses the SSRS instance, also fix the Active X control which is seamlessly downloaded to client machines.  On a particular server (our clients production server in this case) which was running the 64 bit version of SQL 2005, even though we ran the Microsoft updates, the correct patch was not applied.  If you are having this problem, make sure that the SQL Server Reporting Services is updated to at least build 9.0.3073 and you will be good to go!  If you have patched the server and the clients are still having problems, have them uninstall the control by selecting Tools-->Internet Options--> and then Manage Addons from the Programs tab.  If you are unable to remove it from there, check the C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files directory of the client machine.  Once it has been successfully removed, it will reinstall when a report is printed from a properly configured SSRS Server.  Here is a thread that you can follow for more information about this problem,  However, in the end in order to upgrade my production x64 SQL Server past build 9.0.3069, we needed to contact Microsoft, but I expect this will not be the case soon.   

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# re: SSRS: Unable to load client print control
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The follow fix work for me

Windos server 2003 64
Reporting Services
Windows Vista and Windows XP

Fix KB967511 and KB953752

work for me

Left by Tayron Ovares on May 15, 2009 4:23 AM

# re: SSRS: Unable to load client print control
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Note/Clarification: If you are running a custom web app attaching to a SSRS server, the patch for reportviewer actually needs to be ran on the web server hosting the app! Do not forget to restart IIS.
Left by NDW on Aug 12, 2009 3:17 PM

# re: SSRS: Unable to load client print control
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I have SQL Server 2005 Ent installed on Windows Server 2003 64bit.
I have also Reporting Service v9.00.3042.00 running.
when the clint press the print icon on the reporting service report, he has Unable to load client print control.
eventhough the client is administrator on his machine.
I tried manually installed the RSClientPrint on the client machine but it didn't work also....
I installed the SQL Service Pack 3 and it didnt fix that, the I rollback to Service Pack 2 and I Installed the Comulitive update and still not work.....
Please please tell me what to do
Left by Saed.NET on Jan 10, 2010 1:30 AM

# re: SSRS: Unable to load client print control
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On Internet Explorer go to Manage Add ons> Enable\disable add ons
Choose: Add-ons that have been used by IE
Scroll down and find RSClientPrintClass, select it and delete it(there's a button down at the right side)

1 Close MS Internet Explorer
2 Delete RSClientPrint Class (or RSClient Print Class 2005) in C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files\
3 Delete all these files:
gdiplus.dll (if it is there)
Delete these files from the following directory/ies:
4.Go to regedit (start>run>regedit or regedt32 as you prefer)
Look for the value rsclient and delete every entry and content folder
(all these entries have to be deleted so the version coming from your SSRS Server could be the only one version in the computer) be careful and notice that you should be deleting entries corresponding to Reporting Services Client only. ONLY!

5. Look again in regedit, look again for RSCLient, there should not be any entry for RSClient or RSClient 2005.
6. Open Internet Explorer, go to SSRS, open the required report, click on the print button
This will automatically update the RSSClient and finally it won't show that horrible error message saying that it's not possible to upload the library!! it was the worse headache ever!!!!
Left by Pulkit Ojha on Oct 06, 2010 9:19 AM

# re: SSRS: Unable to load client print control
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I've been dealing with this bug for the last 4 years. At this point, I show people how to 'export to PDF' and tell them to print from there. I don't expect M$ to EVER fix this bug to be honest.
Left by Grim Repair on Oct 20, 2011 8:06 AM

# re: SSRS: Unable to load client print control
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Anyone else just start having this problem again? We went through this a couple of years ago and corrected it then, but now its back and I'm not sure why?
Left by Joe T. on Oct 25, 2011 11:22 AM

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