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Hi this Article is aimed at discussing only the outlines of ASP.NET DataBinding.

ASP.NET provides a rich set of controls for working with data.ASP.NET provides the DataBound controls,DataSource Controls to work with data.

DataBound Controls : We can use DataBound Controls in our application's to generate the user interface for working with data.The DataBound Controls are used to display the data and modify the data.

There are three types of DataBound Controls are available.

  1. List Controls
  2. Tabular DataBound Controls
  3. Hierarchical DataBound Controls

List Controls : These controls are used to display simple option lists.

  1. BulletedList
  2. CheckBoxList
  3. DropDownList
  4. ListBox
  5. RadioButtonList

All the five list controls are inherited form ListControl class so they share a common set of properties.

Tabular DataBound Controls: These controls display the tabular from and even we modify the data retrieved form database or any other data sources.

  1. GridView
  2. DataList
  3. Repeater
  4. ListView (Added in .NET 3.5)
  5. DetailsView
  6. FormView

Hierarchical DataBound Controls : These controls are used to display nested data items.

  1. Menu
  2. TreeView

DataSource Controls : A DataSource control represent a particular type of data.

  1. SqlDataSource
  2. LinqDataSource
  3. AccessDataSource
  4. ObjectDataSource
  5. XmlDataSource
  6. SiteMapDataSource

SqlDataSource,LinqDataSource,AccessDataSource,ObjectDataSource are inherited form DataSourceControl class.These are used to represent tabular data. XmlDataSource,SiteMapDataSource are inherited from HierarchicalDataSource class.These controls are used to represent both hierarchical data & tabular data.

Above i given u the list of controls which we use for displaying & modify data as well as to represent the data. DataSource controls represents the data form database or xmldocument or any other datasource. DataBound controls are bounded to DataSource controls to display the data.

In future articles i will discuss the concepts how to use each databound control as well as data source controls & programmatic data binding.

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