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Scott Dorman Microsoft MVP, Software Architect, Developer, Author

Apple-touch-icon_large_medium_large_medium_largeWindows Phone has now been out for just over a year and has had four active threads on their support forums for almost the same amount of time (here, here, here, and here). Out of the four requests, only two have an actual status and they contradict each other, with one saying it is “not planned” and the other saying it is “under consideration”. In addition, the last response from any employee was over 4 months ago. These requests, assuming no duplicate votes, have gained a total of 979 votes over the course of a year. Going one step beyond the support forum, a similar request exists on Windows Phone Marketplace Requests which has gained 436 votes in just 15 days. Based on the votes both on the support forum requests and the quick upswing in votes on Windows Phone Marketplace Requests (which has about 44% of the total votes from the support forum in less than 1% of the time), it’s pretty clear that there is a high demand for a Windows Phone application.

The most distressing (and disturbing) fact is that despite the high number of votes on both sites, the numerous requests in comments on both sites and several attempts to contact for any information regarding clarification or updates on their plans to create a windows Phone application, there has been a distinct and palpable “cone of silence” coming from Mint. Put another way, Mint has provided no feedback (good or bad) to any of the requests. This lack of response has led many people to think that Mint simply doesn’t care about their customer base and people have been leaving to use other services which offer similar features and a Windows Phone application.

Taking an excerpt from the blog post on announcing the acquisition:


Given the current lack of response from Mint regarding this (and incidentally, there are numerous other bugs and feature requests for the existing product line that have similarly gone unanswered), it seems as if Intuit’s customer service responsiveness is significantly lacking (and therefore, so is’s) and that this lack of response is, in fact, destroying the user experience.

This is, effectively, the reason for this post and the choice of titles. This is an open letter to, Intuit (who now owns, and Aaron Patzer (former Founder and CEO of and now VP and General Manager of Intuit’s Personal Finance Group) to step up to the plate and provide a response to their customer base about a Windows Phone application…either tell us that you are actively working on one and continue to be patient (and actually mean that one will be out (hopefully) within the year) or tell us that you aren’t working on one yet but will be (again, hopefully to be out within the year) or tell us that you have no plans to develop one and we should stop asking (and probably leave to go to one of your competitors).

Posted on Wednesday, February 22, 2012 2:55 PM General , Windows Phone | Back to top

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