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Best Christmas Photo of 2007
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Posted On Saturday, December 29, 2007 1:55 PM

XBOX 360 Repair Saga - Part 3 - A Christmas Miracle
Microsoft's repair center sent out the 360 via FedEx just in time. It arrived about 30 minutes ago. I don't expect to see my son immerge from the basement for at least a few hours. I'd like to think that Microsoft rushed as many of these out as possible. That would explain them using FedEx instead of UPS. Whew! Technorati Tags: xbox,christmas ......

Posted On Monday, December 24, 2007 10:44 AM

The Future of TV
Look at the lineup of new content tonight: Duel Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? Don't Forget the Lyrics Clash of the Choirs We got a lot of game shows and reality television to look forward to this winter and spring if this writer's strike continues much longer. If only Microsoft had an subscription model for their video content in the XBOX Marketplace. Technorati Tags: tv ......

Posted On Thursday, December 20, 2007 4:15 PM

'Twas the Night Before Implementation
'Twas the night before implementation and all through the house, not a program was working, not even a browse. The programmers hung by their tubes in despair, with hopes that a miracle soon would be there. The users were nestled all snug in their beds, while visions of inquiries danced in their heads. When out in the machine room there arose such a clatter, I sprang from my desk to see what was the matter. And what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a super programmer (with a six-pack of beer). ......

Posted On Thursday, December 20, 2007 11:34 AM

Another Reason I Love GWB
We have the best readers on the planet. This is a comment I got from Justin Etheredge in response to my post XBOX 360 Repair Saga - Part 2 - The CSR That Stole Christmas. Hey, where do you live? I would be more than happy to overnight my 360 so you can borrow it. I would hate to see a kid's Christmas ruined because of a broken Xbox 360, and I honestly don't play mine all that much. Send me an e-mail, I'd love to help out. Thanks, again Justin. We decided to buy a second 360. We had been contemplating ......

Posted On Thursday, December 20, 2007 11:06 AM

XBOX 360 Repair Saga - Part 2 - The CSR That Stole Christmas
I called Microsoft's repair center to check up on the status of my repair. The rep told me it was still being processed because they did not receive the XBOX until the 16th. I told her that seemed odd because I sent it 3-day UPS the previous Saturday, the 8th. She told me it was a shipping issue and UPS was probably backed up because of the holidays. So at that point I realized we are not getting back our XBOX before Christmas. I was double checking the timeline to find out how long this process ......

Posted On Wednesday, December 19, 2007 7:44 PM

Vongo Back on 64-bit

Vongo has published an update to it's client software that works on 64-bit Vista again.  Apparently, this was a hot topic based on the number of views and comments I got on my post Vongo is a Mess.

You can get the updated software from Vongo's home page.

Posted On Wednesday, December 19, 2007 1:25 PM

Really TV Guide, This is Breaking News?
I subscribe to the daily TV Guide e-mail newsletter. They apparently thought this qualified as breaking news so important they needed to let me know immediately because this was certain to change my life. Jamie-Lynn Spears Is Pregnant at Age 16 Really. Really. That's what your going with as breaking news. I didn't even know who this was without asking my wife. I assumed some relation to Britney because this seems to be one of those important Britney-like news items. But BREAKING NEWS? Now if it said ......

Posted On Wednesday, December 19, 2007 1:21 PM

eBay Scammer on Judge Judy (Video)

Wow!  Don't make Judge Judy angry.

eBay Scammer on Judge Judy

Posted On Monday, December 17, 2007 3:15 PM

Do You Use a Web Component Suite?

We're considering purchasing a component suite for web development to spice up our interface and make the UI side if things a little faster.

My question is, have any of you used any of these suites and what was your experience?

The ones we are looking at are telerik, ComponentArt and ComponentOne.

Posted On Wednesday, December 5, 2007 7:49 AM

Know a good Exchange Hosting provider?

We've been using 1&1 for years, but over the last several months they have had a unbelievable amount of downtime as they continue to try and upgrade to Exchange 2007.

Does anyone else out there use a hosted Exchange provider that they like?  Keep in mind we only have 2 accounts, so places like Rackspace won't deal with us.  It would also be preferable if they do web hosting also so we can use one provider for all our domains.

Posted On Tuesday, December 4, 2007 2:34 PM

We're Getting Our 4th XBOX 360 This Year!
Awesome huh? 4 XBOX 360s. Man what could be better than that! 4 XBOX 360x in 1 house. Hoo, am I bragging. Well, the problem is, we only have one. But this is the third one to die from the Ring of Death in 2 years. I know it's not an overheating problem because we have always stored them on open air racks with plenty of heat escape space. The only way it could be better is if we left it outside. And to make matters worse, we probably won't have it back by Christmas. So now we are faced with buying ......

Posted On Monday, December 3, 2007 7:05 AM

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