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From Customers Ask: Is Apple Going Rotten?

Five big complaints are stirring up against the "Golden God's" great product line.

  1. Of course the $200 iPhone price drop.
  2. Video accessories no longer work on the new models.
  3. You have to re-purchase all your games.
  4. Touch screen is flawed, and they knew it.
  5. Pay a second time for ring-tones.
But over the past two weeks, Apple's fans have been grumbling that the company they knew and loved is transforming into another Microsoft, making short-sighted, anti-consumer decisions and carelessly releasing products with user experience-diminishing problems.

First, hey screw you on the shot at Microsoft, this is about Apple sucking.

Second, Apple has ALWAYS BEEN THIS WAY!  Anti-consumer: They have never been your friend, they are a company trying to make the most money they can.  That's what companies do.  User Experience: If it looks good, that's what really matters.  Not that it works perfectly.

This time Apple just pushed a little too much too fast.  Notice four of the five are only about money.  Only the touch screen flaws are about product failure.  So where do you get the user experience complaint?  Apple has always charged more to live the Apple lifestyle.  It's a club, not a product.  Get used to it mainstreamers, it's the Apple way.  If you want them to change, speak with your wallet.

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