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I have been trying out Safari on Windows and so far the experience has been miserable. 

But let me start with the good points.

  • User interface is nice and clean.
  • I can test web sites I am working on without borrowing my wife's MacBook.

Now for the bad.

  • Slower to load pages than Firefox or IE even though Apple claims it's faster.
  • Bookmark import from Firefox didn't work.
  • When I maximize the browser on then second display of my dual display the browser completely disappears to somewhere on a phantom third monitor that does not exist.

It's only a Beta but it still seems too buggy.  Firefox still has me mostly because of the awesome Extensions and Themes support.  If you like the Mac style interface on Safari, try downloading a Mac theme instead.  And the same advice goes for users that like the IE7 interface.

I'm still glad that Apple ported it to Windows, just because of the ability to test sites with it.  But I can't see using it on a regular basis.

Update: Apparently there is also a security risk.

Posted on Tuesday, June 12, 2007 4:03 AM Software | Back to top

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Yup, Safari on go...!
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