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I've noticed that the Apple fans are mostly forgiving Apple for the Leopard delay.  Even the ones "reporting" are taking a very nice tone compared to how they treat Microsoft.

And they are right, here is why.

  • Apple has a lot on it's plate right now with the launch of Apple TV and the upcoming iPhone.  They have a lot of products to support unlike Microsoft who only has, what, two?  three?
  • Their brightest engineers are busy working on alternative designs for the mouse so everyone will quit complaining about the lack of a second button.
  • They have a lot of legacy code in their OS X line to deal with.  After all, Leopard isn't a brand new OS, it's really just a service pack they are charging for.
  • It's a lot harder when you go it alone, and everything is proprietary.
  • Steve is way busy trying to figure out new ways to conquer everything while still appearing to be your friendly hippie uncle.
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