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You'll notice that I tend to favor Scrum.

  • Agile Alliance - The Agile Alliance is a non-profit organization that supports individuals and organizations who use agile approaches to develop software. Driven by the simple priorities articulated in the Manifesto for Agile Software Development, agile development approaches deliver value to organizations and end users faster and with higher quality.
  • Agile Development Checklist - The purpose of this article is to define a set of ideal practices for an agile software development project.
  • Agile Modeling - Agile Modeling (AM) is a practice-based methodology for effective modeling and documentation of software-based systems. Simply put, Agile Modeling (AM) is a collection of values, principles, and practices for modeling software that can be applied on a software development project in an effective and light-weight manner. As you see in Figure 1 AM is meant to be tailored into other, full-fledged methodologies such as XP or RUP, enabling you to develop a software process which truly meets your needs.
  • Control Chaos - The home of Scrum. Scrum is an agile, lightweight process that can be used to manage and control software and product development using iterative, incremental practices. Wrapping existing engineering practices, including Extreme Programming and RUP, Scrum generates the benefits of agile development with the advantages of a simple implementation. Scrum significantly increases productivity and reduces time to benefits while facilitating adaptive, empirical systems development.
  • Extreme Programming: A Gentle Introduction - Let's begin with a simple question: What is XP? As you will see, it is a deliberate and disciplined approach to software development.
  • Mountain Goat Software - An excellent resource on the Scrum development process.
  • The Scrum Software Development Process for Small Teams (PDF) - In today‚Äôs software development environment, requirements often change during the product development life cycle to meet shifting business demands, creating endless headaches for development teams. We discuss our experience in implementing the Scrum software development process to address these concerns.
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