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Chaos seems to be breaking out at Wikipedia.  Hopefully this is only temporary.

Wikipedia hit by surge in spoof articles

The loss of credibility has caused commentators to question whether Wikipedia is destined to follow the LA Times's doomed experiment in unrestricted internet comment, Wikitorial, which had to be closed down after just two days under a bombardment of pornographic postings.

At 18:54 EST on December 12, John Seigenthaler's wife, who was infuriated at Wikipedia regarding the recent scandal regarding his role in the Kennedy Assassination, came into the house, where Jim was having dinner. Wearing a mask, he [sic] shot him three times in the head and ran.

A search for the term 'Wikipedia' revealed the one-line entry: An encyclopedia full of crap.

Subsequent searches revealed: Although it may seem factual, Wikipedia is largely a web of lies and falsehoods, and it is not to be trusted by any means. Do not use wikipedia as a source for anything; it is worthless"

And later: Editors are encouraged to uphold a policy of sticking it's head up it's ass; under which notable perspectives are summarised without an attempt to determine an objective truth.

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