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We've all seen them and laughed about them.  Tech mistakes on TV are inevitable.  I'm no cop or lawyer but I am sure there are a lot of mistakes in Law & Order too.  But some movies are just stupid, The Net and Slackers come to mind, and this more recent product of tech stupidity...

The new holiday movie on USA, Three Wise Guys, has one of the worst mistakes I have ever seen.  The movie is about 3 hitmen who are trying to recover their boss's runaway girlfriend and a CD of data that could send him to jail.  When they catch up to her and find the CD this is the conversation:

Wise Guy #1: Is that the master?  Did you make any copies?

Wise Guy #2:  It's the master.  She couldn't make a copy, the disk is uncopyable, it's read-only.


Posted on Tuesday, December 13, 2005 9:17 AM Humor | Back to top

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