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I love Treo's hardware design, and I love Windows Mobile.  The fact they are joining forces is a good thing to me.  But it's not quite perfect.  My perfect phone?

Start with the Treo hardware and add Microsoft's Windows Mobile OS.  Check. 

We need a phone in their too.  Preferrably high quality, 3+ megapixel.  Almost Check.

Now it needs a hard drive.  This is definitely possible, since Palm also makes the LifeDrive, which contains a 4GB drive.  4GB is a little small though, I am think 20 - 60.

With all that space, we definitely need music and video.  So the device should also work like a Windows Portable Media Player.  And no hack player either.  I want this thing to sync with Windows XP and Windows Media Center just like the rest of the Portable Media Players.  But I also want it to record with a stand alone cradle so the device itself can record directly, like the Archos AV 500.  And I want it to sync with Tivo or Moxi or whatever.  I want to choose my source.

This is my perfect device.  Palm, Microsoft, are you listening?

Posted on Tuesday, September 27, 2005 12:14 PM Hardware | Back to top

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