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Well, I finally got around to posting to this thing.  Shocking, I know.  Chalk it up to being extremely busy (or just extremely lazy) over the past couple of weeks.  Either way I'm here now and that means this site just got 99% more pink!

I guess I should probably introduce myself.  Currently I'm working as a ASP .NET web developer and it's generally a pretty good time.  I hadn't used ASP .NET much before so I'm definently learning a lot.  Before this I did a bit of contract work for a company using Microsoft Access (never, EVER again!) and I worked as a Technology Consultant while I was in college.  Probably the coolest part of that job was developing a seminar on business blogging and how to use blogs/social media to help further your small business.  That was pretty neat.

I took Information Systems Technology while in college and picked Database Management as my "stream" or major.  As it turned out Web Development became what I was most interested in, but Database was kind of neat too.  I leared all about Oracle and then realized that most companies in Winnipeg use SQL Server. 

Err yeah.  That's about it for my introduction I guess. 

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Haha! I knew I'd eventually guilt trip you into posting :)

Your now officially a geek with a blog....

Oh yeah, and First Comment Victory dance.
Left by Mitchell Lee on Sep 28, 2009 12:42 PM

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