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I’ve been using AxoSoft’s bug tracking application for a while, although and excellent piece of software I had some issues with it
·         It was SLOOOW (both desktop and web). I don’t care what Axosoft says, I tired multiple servers etc. I’ve been long enough in this field to tell you when something is not right with an app.
·         The cost! It’s not feasible for a small team.
I must say though, that they have some nice features which are not commonly found on other bug tracking software. I wouldn’t go on to list any here. I would prefer you download and try their app and see for yourself.
In my quest to find a replacement, I tried a few. The successor had to satisfy the following
·         A 99.99% Windows Environment.
·         Bug Tracking.
·         Ticket Management (power users and project managers can open tickets on projects).
·         Repository (I decided to merge bug tracking and repository to get my team to be more productive).
·         Unlimited users.
·         Cost.
Being the head of IT security for the firm I work for, making the decision to move data offsite was a hard decision to make, but turned out to be one I am not regretting so far.
My choice was down to Altassian JIRA and codebaseHQ. I ended up going with the latter… (I still love the greenhopper from Altassian…its freaking cool!)
5-3-2010 1-01-22 AM
CodebaseHQ is nice and simple and has all the features I needed. I’ve been using them for a few months now and very happy. Their pricing…well, see for yourself. I was also able to get our SVN data… (Yes, SVN! I don’t go near the Visual Sourcesafe thing…it’s not that safe (pardon the pun). I am hearing some nice things about TFS 2010) over to codebaseHQ. We use VisualSVN to access repositories.
…so if you are a Windows developer (or team) codebaseHQ is worth checking out!

Edit ~ Special mention

I also tried FugBugz from It's also an excellent piece of software but at the time didn't fit my enviornment. Joel and his team are smart people and deserved mentioning.


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