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Business Week is reporting that soon there will be an announcement of a Windows Mobile Treo.  This was expected, but now it is (almost) official:

Microsoft has won the PDA OS wars

Being an avid user of Palm OS devices since the Pilot Professional and recently a user of the JASJAR (a Windows Mobile 5 Phone), I have to say that Microsoft won this one on marketing.

That is not to say that technically Windows Mobile isn't impressive.  It certainly is; however, the ease of use and responsiveness of the T3 stands in stark contrast to the slowness and complexity of the JASJAR.  OK, I should try other Windows Mobile devices before I make a statement about relative speed, but the overall complexity of the PIM functionality makes Windows Mobile very hard to use. 

I just don't see how an average (non-technical, non-geeky) user could use a Windows Mobile device as their PIM.

Update: fixed a typeo and an admission: no, Windows Mobile devices are not necessarily slow.

Posted on Wednesday, September 21, 2005 8:16 AM Gadgets+ | Back to top

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