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If anything, the Agile Austin Open Space conference has reminded me that developing a software product is a leap of faith. With a new project, there are always unknowns, but with a good team that is capable of estimating with a good degree of accuracy and assesing risk well and tackling the riskiest features first, virtually anything is possible.

As Agile practiioners, either from the Product Ownership ilk or the Developer ilk, we've got to trust but verify. We know that the people we work with are the real deal and that they are capable. That said, we've got to keep each other on the path to righteousness by doing code reviews often and peer programming as much as possible. We also need to seed and grow a culture of continous improvement in our working environments.

We must also recognize that we are a disruptive force in a world that embraces traditional values, and we must help those around us in marketing and upper management to minimize the ripples. But we can not and should not let the fear of making waves stop us from producing useful high quality software that exceeds expectations.

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