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What a better way to start of the year, but with a product that I recommend. I reviewed this product last year on my personal site and now almost a full year later, I still recommend this product. I develop for different platforms and different languages so it is important for me to keep my snippets organized. Visual Studio and Eclipse both have a way to store snippets, but what if your put into a situation where you may need one and find that its in the other IDE that you are working with. That’s where Snip-it Pro comes in.

Snip-it Pro is not IDE dependent so you can use it with most languages and any IDE that supports drag and drop. Snip-it Pro consists of two windows: the toolbar and explorer. The toolbar is located on the left of the screen by default and is where your snippets are stored. You can organize your snippets in Collections. There is also a section called Snipplr which I will discuss later.

snipit toolbar

The Snip-it Pro Explorer is where you edit or add snippets. Whenever you select a snippet from the toolbar, you will see the code show up in the explorer content tab. You will also see that it will maintain the format in which your code was originally written. You can also define your Collections here with the convenient button from the toolbar on the explorer. To save a snippet, all you need to to is click the + button on the explorer toolbar and paste your code into the content window. You will see a category dropdown list there as well. That is where you will pick the language that your code is in. This will ensure the formatting is correct. Above that is the Description, which is where you give it a name. Once your done, click the disk on the explorer toolbar and it is saved to your Snippet toolbar on the left.

snipit explorer

Snipplr is a website dedicated to snippets of a large number of languages. Developers can submit their snippets to share with the developer community. Once you register at Snipplr you will get an API key. This is very important. You can add this API key to your Snip-it Pro product and by doing that, you will be able to submit your code to them and get code from Snipplr to your toolbar.

To publish your snippets to Snipplr, you have to have your snippet selected from the toolbar and displayed in the Snip-it Pro explorer. From the explorer toolbar you will see a globe that will allow you to publish it to Snipplr.

To get Snipplr Snippets to your toolbar, all you have to do is Fav a snippet on their website and your toolbar will update itself with the new snippet in its Category in your Snipplr Snippets Category.

With all these features, how can you not use it. Oh and before I forget, this is not just limited to Developers. Database Administrators can also use both the product and the website. If you want more information just go to Snip-it Pro’s website.

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