Castle Windsor Dependency Injection with MVC4: No component for supporting the service

Installed MVC4 on my local and ran a MVC3 app and got an error where Castle Windsor was unable to resolve any controllers' constructor injections. It failed with "No component for supporting the service....".

As soon as I uninstall MVC4 beta, the problem vanishes like magic?!

I also tried to upgrade to NHibernate 3 and Castle and Castle Windsor to version 3 (from version 2), but since I use Rhino Commons, that is not possible as the Rhino Commons project looks like is no longer supported and requests to upgrade it to work with NHibernate version 3 two years ago has gone unanswered. The problem is that Rhino Commons (the older version) references a method in Castle version 2 that has been depreciated in version 3: "CreateContainer("")' threw an exception of type 'System.MissingMethodException."

Hope this helps anyone else who runs into this issue. Btw I used NuGet package manager to install the correct packages so I know that is not the issue.

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