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Enabling HTML5 validation and  IntelliSense for Visual Studio 2010. By default it is set to XHTML 1.1.

HTML5 support only came included with SP1 of Visual Studio 2010. However since HTML5 is not an official standard as yet and some of the 30 new elements are not suported in all browsers, so only a subset of the entire HTML5 specification is supported; support for both intellisense and validation for HTML5 with SP1.

How to:

After installing SP1 you have to tell Visual Studio to start using the HTML5 schema. Go to Tools -> Options, and then select Text Editor -> HTML -> Validation. Select HTML5 or XHTML5 as the target schema.

Selecting HTML5 in HTML validation options in VS 2010 tools

So start building or converting older Visual Studio projects to HTML5 and CSS3 web applications.

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