Free Anti-Virus software that is reliable

I often get this question: "I want a free but good and reliable anti-virus software". I can honestly say that the AVG anti-virus package is not only free, but well supported and I have used it for probably over ten years and never had an issue with neither the software nor with viruses on my machine.


 I however also have to add that I think we should support the commercial versions as those folks also have to make a living, and when comparing prices AVG is very competitive. Of course the commercial version offers a whole slew of features that are very useful that the free version does not offer.

You can find their official site here:

The free version can be downloaded from here:

See the list of protection the free version offers as compared to others:

 Hope this helps. If you know of another great free anti-virus, let me know in this blog.

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by Cual es el mejor antivirus at 1/5/2012 4:56 AM

How can i eliminate viruses from my computer, I have an anti-virus AVG already but is not working what i do?
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