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Today, I’ve finished up on the major parts of Glacsy Events and will be starting on the new site for Glacsy Models as soon as I get this last bug/issue completed (and what a little stubborn bug it is). I’ve completed the layout for the main site so far and completed the layout for Glacsy Events long ago as most of you may have already seen. 4.0 will be targeting a much sleeker, cleaner, and simpler design both for the customers (you) and the developers (me). It will be a better experience (for you) and easier to maintain (for me).

Unlike last year’s official launch (what a disaster it was), this year’s launch will be a little earlier around late Oct/early Nov timeframe. Also, as a little tip, we’ve decided rather than waiting to launch everything all in a single day, we’d release separate section of the site as we near the final RTW (Release To Web). So this will be a lot of fun (at least for us it will be) and everyone can enjoy a better (and sooner) experience at

As a last note, can you please flood my email with feedback and requests (I’m not asking, I’m begging)? I already get enough, but I feel that it needs MORE!!! Simply send them to and I will be much happier. Thank you and have some fun at!!!…

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