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UPDATE: September 29, 2008

You have heard us talk.  Let us now hear from you.  You use our technologies, build solutions for your customers, and participate in architecture discussions, platform decision meetings.  Tell us about your experiences and how we can help you

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You have attended MSDN Days, TechMela and Visual Studio Roadshow. Tell us what you feel about the sessions.  Tell us how it impacted or didn’t impact your work, improved your skills and more importantly helped you with deciding the platform / technology. 

If you had a chance to convince your customer on Microsoft Technologies, please share with us on how our sessions/resources helped you achieve the same. Also share with us the challenges you faced and how you overcame them. 

Let us know resources that you would require to help with your discussions and convincing your customers on your favorite Microsoft Technologies.   Share with us the resources that you currently use the most and how you want to see them better. 

Write to us and we will get back to you. 

Important Note

You wouldn’t require to provide your organization sensitive information such as customer details, cost, project details etc.,

Kindly exercise discretion as appropriate to your organization when sharing information.

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