ASP.NET "Futures" July 2007 CTP

Of late I havent been blogging much because of my extensive travel and meeting developer and architect folks across the country.  But I couldnt resist further before writing on ASP.NET "Futures"   If you have been to the site and bothered to scroll down a bit, you would have noticed that there is an "ASP.NET Futures (July 2007)" CTP Download link. 

ASP.NET "Futures" has an exciting bunch of controls and features that would make web developers' life pretty cool.  This build also combined ASP.NET AJAX "Futures" which was earlier a separate download.  So, what is there in it for you if you are a web developer?

ASP.NET "Futures" gives you an early technology preview of the features currently being considered for future versionf of ASP.NET and .NET Framework.  The first and foremost thing that would strike you is Dynamic Data Controls which can change the way we develop Data Driven Websites today.

Then you have Silverlight Controls for ASP.NET - XAML Control and the Media Control which help you host the respective contents on an ASP.NET Page without writing any script manually.

ASP.NET Application Services which allow you to integrate search within your websites and configure custom search providers just by configuring it and also the ability to use dynamic site maps.

ASP.NET AJAX Futures which include History Support for Back Button, DragOverLayerExtender and bunch of other cool stuff that helps you create richer AJAX Applications.

Dynamic Language Support that enables you to use DLR and Dynamic languages within ASP.NET in addition to the regular .NET Languages.

All of these work with Visual Studio 2005 and you dont need to wait till Visual Studio 2008 to start experimenting these. 

My subsequent articles will focus on each of the new features as it would require one post each and I am sure it would benefit you if you are an ASP.NET Developer.

Cheers !!!

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I have been checking out the 'futures' features for a while now and was wondering why it's at the 'July' Release still. Is there another release coming out? Is this going to be wrapped into an upcoming release with silverlight 1.1...i mean 2.0?

In other words...What's the future of 'Futures'?
Left by John O'Brien on Dec 29, 2007 8:19 AM

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