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With the release of Internet Explorer 9 RC the browser looks to be in a usable state.  So far, my experience has been positive.

However, one area where I am having problems is when people are using the jQueryUI library.  Versions older than 1.8 cause IE 9.0 to be unable to drag and drop.  This is a real pain, especially at sites like Agile Zen, where dragging and dropping is a primary bit of functionality.

Now that IE 9 is a release candidate, we’ll see how quickly these things improve.  I expect things to be rough, but so far, I’m really liking IE 9.  There’s more real estate than Chrome (it’s the tabs inline with the address bar) and its faster than Chrome 9.0 and FF 3.6.8 (as tested on my own machine).

The biggest drawback so far is that because IE has been so badly behaved in the past, sites expect it to be badly behaved now, which is breaking things now. Smile

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I like the idea. I think it would be a nice thing to try. - Morgan Exteriors
Left by Jon Curtney on Feb 10, 2017 11:39 AM

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