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The Life and Times of a Dev Yes, we're really that weird

I've experienced this before, and all you can do is cry.

This is why agile is so important.  Instead of one person making all of the decisions, you have a team that makes the decisions.  The "manager" tends to fall into just a product owner role, which is a good thing.  In a team situation, the intern would have had a chance to put out his ideas as to a solution.

In agile, they would have been in two to four week intervals, so rather than a 5 month development period, the stakeholders (i.e. the boss) would have seen partial results in a month or less and would have been able to decide if the cost of what was happening was worth it.  Probably the team would have concluded that other than a little optimization, the adding of more memory was the best solution.

Go Agile, it's worth it.

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