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Career/Skill Path

Each individual is playing different roles.  Some are software engineer, some are programmer, tech lead, architect, project manager

and so on… How would your skill to develop over a period of time so that you can take the next step and will prove to be true to your designation.
Here are some of the check list…  Check what skills you have and develop the one which you don’t currently possess.  It’s not just about
superficial skill, but true skill I am talking about.

 Don’t go over the list by names and say I know this….  Check whether you truly understand this. 


 Over a period of time I will send some useful info about each of the below areas.   

Those who are more inclined towards technology here’s the basic skillset you should have.

-          Domain Knowledge

o   Finance/Banking

o   Healthcare

o   Insurance

-          OO

o   Principles and Practices

o   SOLID Principles

§  S  – SRP  – Single Responsibility Principle

§  O – OCP – Open Closed Principle

§  L  – LSP   – Liskov Substitution Principle

§  I   – ISP   – Interface Segregation Principle

§  D – DIP   – Dependency Inversion Principle

-          TDD/BDD  (It’s not just about creating test class, its about understanding the whole process)

o   Understanding and appreciating TDD or TFD

o   How to move towards BDD (Behaviour Driven Development)

-          DDD (Domain Driven Design)

-          Databases

o   SQL Server

o   Business Intelligence

o   Datawarehouse

-          Design Patterns

o   Good awareness about GOF patterns (All 23)

o   Enterprise patterns

§  Domain Logic Pattens

·         Transaction Script

·         Domain Model

·         Table Module

·         Service Layer

§  Data Source Patterns

·         Table Data Gateway

·         Row Data Gateway

·         Active Record

·         Data Mapper

§  Object Relational Behavioral Pattern

·         Unit of Work

·         Identity Map

·         Lazy Load

§  Object Relational Metadata Mapping Patterns

·         Metadata Mapping

·         Query Object

·         Repository

§  Web Presentation Patterns

·         MVC

·         Page Controller

·         Front Controller

·         Template View

·         Application Controller

·         MVP

·         MVVM

§  Distribution Patterns

·         Remote Façade

·         Data Transfer Object

§  Offline Concurrency Patterns

·         Optimistic Offline Lock

·         Pessimistic Offline Lock

·         Coarse-Grained Lock

·         Implicit Lock

§  Session State Patterns

·         Client Session State

·         Server Session State

·         Database Session State

§  Foundational Patterns

·         Gateway

·         Mapper

·         Layer Supertype

·         Value Object

·         Plugin

·         Service Stub

o   Refactoring Patterns

o   Dependency Injection/IOC Framework

§  Unity Application Block

§  StructureMap

§  Castle Windsor

§  Spring.NET

§  Autofac

§  LinFu

§  PicoContainer.NET

o   Instrumentation (includes logging)

o   Technologies

§  ASP.NET 3.5 +




§  WF

§  Sharepoint 2007


Those interested in project management here’s the basic skillset

Apart from good awareness of the above skills following are some areas where you need to concentrate on

-          People skills

o   Dealing with people

o   Effective communication

o   Goal orientation

o   Target setting

-          Estimation Techniques

o   Use case

o   Function points (…. More)

-          Agile Methodology


o   DSDM

-          Tools

o   MS Excel/Word

o   MS Project

-          Hope you enjoyed this post.

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Great Info. It would be great if you can add reference material for each item if possible.

For e.g for SOLID you can refer to videos to start with.
For Enterprise Patterns, Martin Fowler book is a good reference

Left by Sunil Unnithan on Jan 07, 2010 6:02 PM

# re: How would you like to grow your skill/career path?
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I admire your article.It contains valuable information.Thanks for Sharing
Left by automate job search on Apr 05, 2010 5:56 PM

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