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Design power


Today while reading the greatness guide by Robin Sharma, in one chapter he was talking about the German excellence in good design and about apple's products. Have you ever come across a successful technical project with a bad design?. Do you recollect the saying 'success or failure of a project is determined at the beginning of the project' and the design happens during the early stages.  In technical projects, once you get the architecture and the design right, the ability to respond to changes increases and changes are inevitable in technical projects (the continuous elaboration). So do not be in a hurry to complete the design phase and move on to construction. In APM (agile project management), the architecture evolves during the first few iterations, a very good practice. Have the patience and maturity to spend enough time till you reach the right design, and always the best designs are simple, and can adopt the changes easily.



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Abrachan, your blog is really informative. I was thinking about doing a Project Management Professional certification this year. I checked your site and am surprised/disappointed that you don't take sessions in Chennai.
Left by Vadivel on May 25, 2006 12:52 PM

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