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public class Employees { public int EmployeeId { get; set; } public string Name { get; set; } public decimal Salary { get; set; } } List<Employees> employeeList = new List<Employees>(); List<Employees> resultList = new List<Employees>(); decimal maxSalary; List<string> employeeNames = new List<string>(); protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { if (!IsPostBack) { FillEmployees(); } // Getting a max salary maxSalary = employeeList.Max((emp) => emp.Salary); ......

If you are using SQL Server management Studio much the we can observer that the list of server names in the log in of it. As you can imagin a period of time after 6 month or 1 year you will see a long list of server names in the login dialog. How to clear this list...? I doesn't provide a mechanism to clean nor clear the list, so you'll have to do a little browsing through your file system. For SQl Server 2005 Management Studio, we should delete the below file C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Appli... ......