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This morning I finished removing all VS2008 related frameworks and installed items related to VS2010 based on posts around the community.  Here’s what I started with on my dev laptop, the config for my laptop: 

  • HP Pavilion dv6 
  • Win7 64-bit
  • 4Gb RAM

Installed Developer Tools and Frameworks:


The only item I did not reinstall on top of VS2010 was ReSharper 4.5 only because I read mixed reviews on the dev experience.  At this point I really just want to get use to the new(er) IDEs without adding any confusion to my dev machine.  I’ll level off my desire for early adoption at Blend, EntLib 5.0, and Pex - I’m also interested in the Moles integration as well.


Something else I didn’t have to install was my IDE theme which was left behind in my user folder was merged during installation – afterwards it was nice to see once the dust settled.

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