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I have finished a couple of books that I would like to plug here.  One is “The Art of Unit Testing”  and the other is Regular Expressions Cookbook.  I waited for both to drop, and as soon as they did I picked them up.


The Art of Unit Testing

The Art of Unit Testing (TAoUT) has received many awesome reviews with some folks guessing there may be a *DD book coming out soon by the same author.  Well see, and it would be nice to have a compilation of *DD guidance for those that can dig(g) and use a *DD form.

TAoUT demonstrated a lot of common sense maneuvers and choices in  how to construct, use, and maintain your unit tests.  There really is more to it than meets the eyes especially after you get your eyes in front of this book.  If you’re familiar to UTs it might be a quick read, maybe not.  I thought I was a great tester, but Roy schooled me on a few things that make a lot of sense to me now. 

This isn’t chicken soup for your unit testing, but it’s a way to learn how to step back and say, hmmm, I think I’ll write them differently.  If you’re read my blog before you know I like PEX, very much.  But at times PEX may be a very large answer to a very small problem.  This is about using the right tool for the right job, and in this case it’s my brain that I need to use, along with Roy’s guidance.  This is the way to get it, then pass it on to the next *DD’er that walks into my cube.


I would highly recommend you pick up this book and see how it can benefit you, your (non)existing UTs, and/or your test team.  I was looking at testing code a lot differently the week after I finished this book, hopefully it will do the same for you.


Regular Expression Cookbook

I wrote many lines of weird and cryptic Unix shell code to strip, extract, glue, paste, and count text out of flat files in a previous life.  A few years ago I was writing a lot ASP code and thought at times “ A RegEx would just be the sweetest (and more maintainable) thing to do for this problem “.  Especially since we picked validator controls that could evaluate a RegEx.

When I saw this book come through my RSS reader one day, I was thinking about what I wrote above.  I know very little about writing or building a RegEx, but I’m really excited to know that this book will help me figure this out and drop another tool in the toolbox.  In other O’Reilly books the “mascot” on the cover is usually explained maybe this has changed but it looks like Templeton, the rat from Charlottes’ Web, this fact is interesting on a few levels.

The book has already gotten some awesome reviews on Amazon and they are correct in their assessments.  I’m recommending this book as well.  I have a Safari account so I could read the book without any restriction but I purchased it anyway.  There’s also a Kindle edition if that’s how you like your reading material presented.


More later.

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