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Well, the annual feeding frenzy known as the WWDC keynote is now over. There was a lot of good information presented on both Snow Leopard and the iPhone. It was pretty demo-heavy as well – better if you see it in person than if you are at home waiting for the next great tidbit of information. One thing I found interesting were the OS X active users statistics shown at the opening of the keynote. Now, perhaps I missed it – feel free to correct me if I did – but they make it come off like they sold a ton of MacBooks from 2007 – 2009. And while I am sure they did, they real jump comes from the inclusion of iPhone sales since the iPhone also runs OS X.

Apple Growth

Photo swiped from which had phenomenal live streaming coverage. The only thing they didn't do was tape a monkey to their heads holding a video camera. I expect this next year guys!

The new iPhone had a lot of the specs that had been leaked in the coming days, although I was personally surprised by the voice commands and the full drive encryption. I had not heard of either of those and the latter is one my company has been anxiously awaiting. Overall, it shapes up to be a fine release. I have to wonder though when the cycle will peak. Can they continue to innovate at the rate of justifying a new handset every year? As an IT worker they (and Palm and Blackberry and HTC) are sure making it hard to enforce standards for corporate devices. Makes me consider pushing this back on to the user to own and as long as it can accept and enforce my policy they can buy whatever they want.

The phone will be released on June 19th and the OS X for iPhone v3 will be released on June 17th. There is a GM release available now for developer members but I will be damned if I can get to it. That server, as they say, is getting hammered.

I will be interested to watch the Sprint\PalmPre vs. AT&T\iPhone battle over the coming months. I just called my local Sprint store and they are sold out of the Pre after getting shipments in Saturday and today. The waiting list has two people on it. However, I hardly live in a metropolis.

Oh, and Snow Leopard will be released in September 2009 and they came out with some new MacBook models. All versions now have a built-in non-removable ‘iPod’ battery.

They had to get their slam in on Vista again and took a swipe at Windows 7 saying it is ‘fundamentally the same as Vista.’ Having been running on Windows 7 since the public beta I can tell you that is not the case. Windows 7 is a dream. So much so I left my MacBook Pro and went back to a Dell e4300 just so I could run it.


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Heya Chris,

I have to agree about Windows 7. I've been using it since the Beta as well and it's been great. At first I was dual booting my Macbook Pro from OSX and Win7, but to be honest I hadn't been in OSX for over a year I'd say. In fact, I purchased Leopard so that I could get bootcamp.

When Win7 RC came out I decided to try and see if I could single boot Win7 on the Macbook Pro. To be honest, on the second try (I needed more up to date bootcamp drivers and couldn't uninstall the bad ones the first time) I had gotten it working and it was fantastic. Everything works as long as you've got the bootcamp drivers installed, and I'm using SharpKeys to remap a couple keys to add a delete and right click key to the keyboard.

I'm not looking back. I won't buy mac again, even their price drops leave them way more expensive than it's worth. However, until this one dies, I'll be sporting a single booting Winbook Pro ;)

I will say, at the new $99 price point, I am considering the iPhone 3G. I have a blackberry and love it, but need an exchange capable device for work (they aren't shelling out for the BES for exchange any time soon I imagine)
Left by Stacy Vicknair on Jun 10, 2009 9:37 AM

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Thanks for the feedback Stacy. I had to abandon BootCamp as there was always a few little driver issues I had. I also couldnt get Bluetooth to work with the Apple Keyboard or Mouse under Win7. The iPhone 3G would be a treat for Exchange mail, especially at $99. We have a bunch in my corp and the execs love them - especially all the app functionality that BB cant touch right now. I love the Bold too, but if your employer isnt going to do the BES there isnt much sense as you say! Good luck and have fun with Win7.
Left by Chris Haaker on Jun 10, 2009 1:29 PM

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