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I was thinking about some of the confusion that springs up from time to time over how Microsoft names the editions of it Operating Systems.

We can all agree that Windows RT is a particularly bad name.

Unfortunately despite their best efforts, none of their names have been overwhelmingly successful.   There is always confusion over which version has which features and which version would be best for which user.

I was thinking about how cars solve this problem.   They use trim levels.   Commonly this may be something along the lines of :

  • CE Classis Edition
  • LE  Luxury Edition
  • XLE  Extra Luxury  Edition
  • Touring Edition
  • Limited  Edition

This Limited edition catches my attention.   Talk about counter intuitive.   With cars, this is the top of the line, but in any other context this would be the entry level model.   If you go to a Limited Service Hotel you will probably get little more than a basic bed in a cramped room with few other perks.    A Limited Service Restaurant would offer few features and a narrow menu.   A Limited Starbucks may drop some of the more esoteric drink options.


So maybe we could use the car trim level model but turn it on its head to match what the rest of the world expects.

  • RT becomes Windows 8 Limited
  • Windows 8 becomes Windows 8 CE
  • Windows 8 Pro becomes Windows 8 LE
  • Windows 8 Enterprise could stay Windows 8 Enterprise cause that is already clear

I would like to see Windows 8 Touring being high end hardware on a laptop / tablet form factor.    Mobile ready to go on a tour!


I don’t know.   I think these levels may make more sense and could be more easily recognizable to consumers.

This is also one of the area where BlackBerry fell short.   Even when they had the “Must Have” product, they had the worst names.  Calling a handset the Curve 9790 or the Bold Touch 9900 may make sense to the engineers designing them, but consumers are lost.

Lenova is beginning to figure this out.    It is hard to get excited about T Series, X Series, L Series, S Series, etc.    But it is easier to understand the difference between “ThinkPad”  “IdeaPad”, and Essential Series.

It is even easier to build excitement for Yoga.   Plus consumers can easily grasp the difference between Yoga 11 and Yoga 13.    So glad they decided not to go with a name like Y620 or something similar.


Now if we could brand it as Yoga Touring Edition, we would have marketing magic!

Lenova if you read this, I am more than happy to accept a product sample to do a complete review!   Just let me know.   :)

Posted on Thursday, March 21, 2013 1:52 PM | Back to top

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